Tuesday, March 30-th

Over 52,000 people have been vaccinated in the last 24 hours

The chairman of the National Committee for the Coordination of Activities on Vaccination against SARS-CoV-2, military doctor Valeriu Gheorghiță, and the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Health and vice-chairman of the committee, Andrei Baciu, will attend today, from 2 p.m., a press conference. Another almost 4,000 cases of coronavirus were reported yesterday by authorities, out of fewer tests, about 14,000. Most new cases were registered in Bucharest. 120 deaths have also been reported, and almost 1,400 patients have been admitted to Intensive Care units. The capital and 11 other counties are in the so-called „COVID red zone”. Meanwhile, the vaccination campaign continued, over 52,000 people being immunized in the last 24 hours./opopescu

Fines of over 400,000 lei for protests against COVID restrictions

650 fines amounting to over 400,000 lei were given throughout the country following yesterday’s protests against health restrictions. The Gendarmerie announced that demonstrations took place in 70 localities, in 38 of them exceeding the maximum number of 100 participants provided by law. The sanctions were applied mainly for non-declaration of demonstrations, their conduct during the restricted circulation, as well as for non-compliance with health protection measures. The Gendarmerie adds that incidents were also recorded during the protests in Drobeta-Turnu Severin and Galați, the demonstrators assaulting the police. In Brăila, an attempt was made to destroy a road sign, and those involved will be held criminally liable./opopescu

Dozens of Romanians detained at the border between Spain and France, with false PCR tests

More than 30 Romanian citizens were detained at the border between Spain and France, carrying false PCR tests. They were traveling by bus to Romania and presented certificates issued by laboratories in Spain. After contacting the laboratories, the personnel there confirmed that all the codes entered on the PCR tests presented either did not correspond to the sender or belonged to another person. The Romanians from that bus were detained and released after the hearings, and the judicial authorities will rule in this case. An investigation is underway./opopescu