Friday, March 14-th

From Saturday, new relaxation measures will be applied in Romania

In Romania, the traffic ban during the night will end. From Saturday, the operating hours of the stores will not be restricted either, and wearing the mask in open spaces will be mandatory only in crowded areas – the Romanian head of state announced. Klaus Iohannis said further relaxation of the restrictive measures would depend on lowering the infection rate and increasing the number of people vaccinated. According to the plans, in Romania, with a population of 20 million inhabitants, the number of vaccinated people will reach 5 million by June 1-st./opopescu

The Bucharest Municipality Committee for Emergency Situations decided to relax some restrictions

From today, the Bucharest residents can participate in several events, after the Municipal Committee for Emergency Situations decided to relax some restrictions. The decision came after the coronavirus infection rate below remained below 1.5 cases per thousand inhabitants. According to the The Prefect of the Capital, the performance halls will operate with a capacity of 50%, the indoor restaurants will operate with a capacity of 50%, drive-in events can be organized, as well as outdoor cultural events, with up to 300 participants . In the scenario provided in the Joint Order of the Ministry of Education and Health, all children will be able to go to school when the infection rate falls below 1 per thousand. As for schools across the country, students in 200 other localities could return to school next week following a drop in infection rates./opopescu

More and more containers with non-recyclable waste arrive in Romania

More and more containers with non-recyclable waste reach our country and Romania risks becoming the landfill of Europe if the legislation is not changed – according to the prosecutors and the Environmental Guard. Authorities have been in the port of Constanța for several days and are checking the containers of waste sent from other states, but, according to the head of the National Environmental Guard, Octavian Berceanu, organized crime structures are putting pressure on all customs in Romania to introduce increasing quantities of waste in the country. All this, when in Europe, the garbage storage capacities have been exhausted and China is no longer an „open gate” – he added, yesterday, in Craiova. The head of the Environmental Guard explained that one of the methods by which organized crime structures try to introduce waste illegally in Romania is by trucks in which the first two, three bales are with various goods, and behind them are tons of waste./opopescu

RADOR – 14 mai