Monday, May 17

Romania’s Royal House anniversary

Romania’s Royal Family marks its 20th anniversary of its return to the Elisabeta Palace (Palatul Elisabeta ) in the capital Bucharest, according to a Facebook documentary posted on Monday. The Romanian Royal Family has been given free use of Elisabeta Palace for the next half century. The palace, just outside the Bucharest centre, has served as headquarters of the Romanian Royal Family since the fall of Communism. In 2001, the Romanian Senate passed a bill stating that the Palace would be awarded to the former king for use as a residence during his lifetime. Since then, members of the former Royal Family have been living there. Now the palace has been confirmed to be royal possession for the next 49 years. The Elisabeta Palace was built in 1936 and is designed in 1930 by architect Duiliu Marcu and built in 1936 for Princess Elisabeth, daughter of King Ferdinand I and his wife, Queen Marie.

An expected report of Romania’s Health Minister

Romania’s Health Minister Ioana Mihăilă is expected to present a report before Romanian Parliament’s lower house on Monday following a request put forward by the country’s opposition left-wing Social Democrat Party (PSD). The Social Democrats’ move came after the parliament rejected last week a PSD request of a commission expected to check recent developments concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. Ms. Mihăilă already published a report on the matter last week. Average number of new infections reported each day in Romania fell by more than 1,500 over the last three weeks, 19% of its previous peak.

Romania coronavirus updates

Romania reported 392 new coronavirus cases on Monday, with 48 deaths (28 men, 20 women), and 753 people under intensive care. In the capital Bucharest, the number of new cases hit 49, according to data issued by the country’s Strategic Communication Group (GCS). With its 36 cases reported, the north-western county of Cluj is leader among other counties across the country. Cluj is followed by Brașov (central Romania) with 28 cases, and Prahova (southern Romania) with 26 cases.

Alexandru Danga, RADOR