Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The number of new loans increased by 32 percent in the first months of the year

The number of new loans increased by 32 percent in the first months of the year, according to data provided by the Romanian Association of Banks. Romanians have accessed loans worth 15 billion lei, and companies – almost 19 billion, in January-April 2021. Lending was boosted by loans to companies holding a share of 56% in the volume of new loans granted by banks. The population has accessed loans almost entirely in the national currency, their share exceeding 99% of the total volume of new loans granted to the population. (RADIO ROMANIA NEWS)

The Gopo Awards Gala will announce its winners tonight

The Gopo Awards Gala, an event that celebrates the most important achievements of last year’s Romanian cinema, will announce its winners tonight. The 15th edition of the Gala aligns 16 Romanian productions launched in cinemas or on other platforms in 2020, which were nominated in 21 categories. Actor Costel Constantin will be awarded at the Gala with the Gopo Award for his entire career, and the acclaimed set designer and costume designer, Doina Levintza, will be honored with the award for her entire activity. The awards ceremony will take place at 20:30, at the „Mihai Eminescu” Amphitheater in the open air, adapted to current norms and conditions. (RADIO ROMANIA NEWS)

New cases of COVID-19 reported in Romania

73 new cases of COVID-19 were reported recently in Romania, given that almost 30.000 tests have been performed in the last 24 hours. 294 deaths were also announced, of which 288 are older. 80 patients are hospitalized in units of intensive care. (RADIO ROMANIA NEWS)/aboboc