Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Romanian authorities have found six migrants from Afghanistan, Syria and Algeria trying to cross the border into Hungary

Six migrants from Afghanistan, Syria and Algeria were caught by the Romanian authorities in Arad County, in the last 24 hours, while they were trying to cross the border illegally into Hungary. According to a press release, four of the migrants were found in a truck heading to the Netherlands, another was found in the trailer of a truck carrying metal profiles to Denmark, and the last one attempted to cross the border by foot. The border police have opened investigations in all these cases.

Romania has marked the return of its troops from Afghanistan

A military ceremony was held at The Arch of Triumph in Bucharest to mark the end of Romania’s Army mission in Afghanistan. It was a parade enjoyed by the public, who usually has the chance to witness such a ceremony on Romania’s National Day, on December the 1st. During the 19 years of Romanian mission in Afghanistan, 32.000 Romanian troops took part in the operations, by rotation every six months. The troops came from all the offensive structures of the Romanian Army. There were traffic restrictions in the Romanian capital, in order to allow the parade to unfold.

The number of new COVID-19 cases has almost doubled in Romania

The number of new cases of COVID-19 almost doubled in the last reporting interval, with 95 infections out of more than 31,000 tests. Three deaths have also been announced, and 244 patients infected with the new coronavirus are hospitalized, 36 of them at the ICU. Concerns are related to the highly transmissible Delta variant of coronavirus, which has already been identified in Romania, doctor Valeriu Gheorghita has said. Moreover, during a meeting of the governing coalition, the Health Minister Ioana Mihăilă has presented measures related to a possible fourth wave of coronavirus in Romania.
Ioana Mihăilă: We cannot have an exact date on which the fourth wave will appear or reach its peak, but, looking at what happened in other countries – for example in Great Britain there are now about 45,000 new infections per day – and given that the incidence of Delta strain infections is increasing in our country, yes, we estimate that we will have an increase in the infection rate. Full-dose vaccination provides protection against severe cases and against the risk of mortality.

Mădălina Brotăcel