Thrusday, July 29, 2021

The Prime Minister of Romania wants to speed up the National Immunization Campaign

One month later than the deadline originally projected by the authorities, Romania is approaching the threshold of 5 million people who have received at least one dose of COVID vaccine. Prime Minister Florin Cȋţu considers that the government has done everything in its power to support the National Immunization Campaign. The necessary doses and a high vaccination capacity were ensured, the targets set in the spring being calculated in accordance with the specialists’ estimations. Prime Minister Cȋţu expressed reservations about the issue of granting of bonuses for those who are vaccinated and stressed that the financial incentives for family doctors who administer anti-COVID sera did not lead to the acceleration of the campaign. When it comes to public money, resources must not be wasted and there must be a positive impact, Florin Cȋţu added. „If experts tell us that this vaccination campaign can be accelerated by providing incentives, we can take these measures for sure, but I want to see concrete solutions. We’ve tried several measures, but if we don’t all endorse the message that we need to get vaccinated and instead we criticize what the government is doing, I don’t think we can get somewhere, whatever those measures are. It is a campaign for Romanians and a campaign for life „, declared the Prime Minister Cȋţu.

The Romanian hospitality industry demands compensation for the losses suffered in the pandemic

The hospitality industry, probably the hardest hit during the coronavirus pandemic, is demanding fair compensation for the losses suffered, said the president of the Employers’ Organization of Hotels and Restaurants in Romania, Ioan Biriș. He said that of the 70,000 HoReCa companies, about 10,000 had accessed the state aid scheme. „The HoReCa industry is very damaged, but the HoReCa industry has survived and is living today only because the payments to the state budget have been canceled. Once the state resumes tax collection, most companies do not think they will be able to move on. And to this we add the labor crisis. We have jobs for which we have been looking for three or four months for potential candidates and still unable to find them”, said Ioan Biriş. The Minister of Economy, Claudiu Năsui, said that non-taxation of the minimum wage could be a solution for keeping the workforce in the, and such a measure will apply from January 1, 2022. He explained that this solution is not about social assistance, but about a fiscal policy that would reduce poverty and activate the workforce.

Romania issues extreme heat and storm warnings for the coming days

Romania will face heat and storms in the coming days, said meteorologists and issued yellow and orange code warnings for almost all regions of the country. Temperature can reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius, and in some areas there will be torrential rains and storms. „The weather will be hot in most parts of the country, and in terms of atmospheric instability, they will be present in the northern regions, in the central ones and again in the mountainous and sub-Carpathian areas. For the Capital there is a probability of atmospheric instability in the afternoons and violent storms are likely to occur. It is possible that there will also be hail and showers that can have a torrential character”, said the meteorologist Viorica Dima./mbaciu