Thursday, August 26, 2021

Romanian authorities brace for a new wave of the pandemic, as the number of new cases passes 950

The Romanian authorities are prepating for a new wave of the coronavirus pandemic, with a special attention to children, who are most vulnerable in front of the Delta variant, as infants under the age of 12 cannot be vaccinated. Romania has reported 953 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, ot of more than 35,000 tests performed in the last 24 hours. Another 17 deaths were also recorded since yesterday, and 228 patitnts are currently treated in hospitals’ Intensive Care Units.

Romanian troops will take part in NATO’s opperation to evacuate afghan civilians

The Supreme Council for the Defence of the Country (CSAT) in Romania has decided on Wednesday that 200 Romanian troops will be engaged in NATO’s missions to evacuate Afghan citizens who worked for the Alliance in Afghanistan. The opperation will largely consist in taking afghan citizens from the temporary bases in Kuwait and Qatar and relocating them to stationary bases on the territory of allied countries. CSAT has also established additional measures in case Europe would face a wave of migrants after the taleban take-over of power in Afghanistan, saying that Romania would enhance its cooperation with neighbouring countris that could be affected by a potential migration influx from Afghanistan. A statement from the Presidential Administration says that the change of regime in Afghanistan could have security implications for Romania, because of dangers posed by extremism, terrorism, drug and arms trafficking and illegal migration.

Romania has shipped 200,000 vaccine jabs to Vietnam, in a humanitarian gesture

An aircraft of the Romanian company Tarom has made a humanitarian flight to Vietnam, on the route Bucharest-Dubai-Saigon for the transport of almost 200,000 doses of anti-COVID-19 vaccine donated by the Romanian state. According to a press release, the shipment was delivered on Monday. The special flight was operated with three crews. It weight almost two tons, and the actual flight time was about 13 hours and 40 minutes, with a refueling stop in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR