Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Romania dropped three places in a global ranking of countries with the fastest fixed internet

Our country has dropped three places in a global ranking of countries with the fastest fixed internet, based on over one billion speed tests. Romania reached the 29th place in the global hierarchy, from the 26th position occupied last year. On the other hand, we climbed to second place in the regional ranking in terms of the speed of fixed internet services, being surpassed only by Hungary. (RADIO ROMANIA NEWS)

The George Enescu International Festival takes place in Bucharest

The George Enescu International Festival brings brand artistic events to the public’s attention today. For the first time in Bucharest comes an opera in concert – this time performed by the National Radio Orchestra and the Academic Radio Choir under the baton of conductor Oleg Caetani, interested in bringing Zemlinsky’s music again, as Ciprian Ţuţu, the conductor of the Academic Choir, says.

Ciprian Ţuţu: There are not many works in which the voices of the ensemble are presented with such delicacy, to be treated with such grace and naturalness. For me, the meeting with the conductor Oleg Caetani is a special one, because his care regarding the refinement of every detail practically shows the seriousness of his conducting art imprinted in opera productions and not only that he led on the big stages of the world.

UNESCO experts evaluate „Buzău Land” for the title of Global Geopark

UNESCO experts come to Romania today to evaluate the „Buzău Land”, for the title of Global Geopark. Until September 19, the muddy volcanoes, live fires, cave settlements and red amber from Colţi – will be evaluated in terms of geological and cultural diversity of the area. In order to obtain the status of Global Geopark, “Ţinutul Buzăului” must tick 99 of the 101 criteria analyzed by specialists. The UNESCO Statute certifies that the respective territory is an area in which considerable efforts are made for the educational, economic and socio-cultural development of the communities. The main pillars of this process are the environment, the economy and society.

Adelina Boboc, RADOR