Friday, September 24, 2021

The Romanian Naval Forces are taking part in the common European drive to end the conflict in Libya

The Romanian Naval Forces ar involved in the common European effort to help bring an end to the conflict in Libya. The Vice-Admiral Constantin Balescu warship employed to deliver and place the maritime mines has left Constanta port on Friday for a three-months mission in the Mediterranean Sea to supervise the arms embargo whist the United Nations has imposed on Libya. Romanian personnel will monitor the maritime traffic and will inspect the suspicious ships in the Mediterranean.

Romania has again surpassed the 7,000 daily COVID-19 cases mark on Thursday

Romania has recorded more than 7,000 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday and the number of places with an infection rate of over 5 per a thousand inhabitants has increased. Authorities are trying to increase the number of hospital beds for patients infected with the coronavirus, as in each of the counties of Bihor, Covasna, Iasi and Mehedinti there was only one bed available for COVID patients, and in Bucharest there were only three on Thursday. There were 7, 095 positive cases recorded in the last 24 hours and 113 deaths related to COVID-19. 1,067 patients are currently admitted in Intensive Care Units, with severe COVID-19 forms and 16 of them are children.

Romania has administered 10 million doses of anti-COVID-19 vaccine

Romania has administered more than ten million doses of a vaccine against COVID-19, the National Vaccination Committee has announced on Thursday. More than 18,400 people have received a vaccine in the last 24 hours, 15,600 of them getting the first shot. Prime Minister Florin Citu has appealed for more people to get vaccinated.
Florin Citu: Vaccination is the only solution to the pandemic. The green certificate or some restrictions now and then, closures and so on will not solve this problem. The pandemic problem will only get solved through vaccination and I will continue to say that every time. If we want to get past this pandemic, we have to get vaccinated. It is very simple. I believe that is much more important that this effort is also multiplied by a responsible behavior from each of us.

Mădălina Brotăcel