Monday, October 11-th

President Klaus Iohannis will begin consultations with parliamentary parties in order to appoint a new prime minister

President Klaus Iohannis will start consultations with the parliamentary parties for the appointment of a new prime minister, after the Cîțu Government’s confidence in the Parliament was withdrawn. At this moment, the parties finalize in the governing forums the mandates with which they will go to Cotroceni. PSD announced recently that it will not make a proposal for a prime minister during talks with the head of state. President Marcel Ciolacu stated that the party could return to power if a parliamentary majority is outlined, although he initially said that the only solution for resolving the political crisis is to hold early elections. The Social Democrats underlined that the party’s delegation also includes three representatives of the local elected officials, to sound the alarm about the discretionary way in which the executive allocated the funds for local public administrations./opopescu

The number of COVID cases in Bucharest, constantly increasing

The incidence rate of COVID infections in the Capital has exceeded 14 cases per thousand inhabitants – 14.2 is the value reported today by the Public Health Directorate. Bucharest registers daily the most cases of COVID in the country. Yesterday there were over 2,800./opopescu

Electricity network overload at the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Timișoara

The main electrical panel of the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Timișoara was changed after 60 years. It is a first measure taken amid the electrical circuit of the hospital beeing overloaded, with the risk of short circuit during this period, when many patients with COVID are connected to the ATI equipment. In each ward there are patients who need extra oxygen, and the ventilation devices lead to an overload on the electrical system – said the hospital manager, Cristian Oancea. He also points out that the electricity network cannot be upgraded as long as many people are hospitalized. In fact, the modernization of the Intensive Care Unit was also postponed due to the pandemic./opopescu

Ovidiu Popescu – RADOR