Wednesday, November 10-th

President Klaus Iohannis signed the decrees for the recall of five Romanian ambassadors

President Klaus Iohannis signed today the decrees for the recall of five Romanian ambassadors – the Presidential Administration announced. These are Stelian Stoian – head of the Permanent Delegation of Romania to NATO, Luminiţa Odobescu – head of the Permanent Representation of Romania to the European Union, as well as the ambassadors of our country in Italy, Spain and Belarus./opopescu

The decreasing trend of COVID-19 cases continues

A total of 6,291 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infected people have been reported in the last 24 hours, after more than 54,000 tests. There is a declining trend in the number of cases, but the number of associated deaths and that of hospitalized patients in serious condition is still very high. Of the more than 17,000 hospitalized COVID patients, 1823 are still in Intensive Care units, slightly lower than the previous day. There is only one ICU bed available nationally for coronavirus-infected patients. 405 COVID-associated deaths have been recorded since yesterday and until today, most – 357 – in patients not vaccinated against coronavirus./opopescu

Interest in anti-COVID vaccines available in Romania is low

Interest in anti-COVID vaccines available in Romania is low. Official data show that, so far, 38% of Romania’s resident population has received at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine. The proportion is very small compared to the target announced by the authorities. Lately, fewer and fewer people are choosing to get immunized. In 24 hours, only 27,000 people started the immunization regimen, which is half of the previous week. The coordinator of the Vaccination Campaign, Valeriu Gheorghiță, appreciates that the decrease of the infection rate makes people mistakenly believe that the fourth wave of the pandemic has ended. He also says that, if the current vaccination rate is maintained, 8.5 million Romanians will be immunized by the end of the year, an insufficient number to get through the next waves of the pandemic./opopescu