Thursday, January 27, 2022

CSAT has studied, on Wednesday, the security situation in the region

The Supreme Council of National Defense (CSAT) analyzed yesterday the security situation in the region, from the point of view of military economic and energetic implications, but also from the perspective of a possible uncontrolled migration. After the meeting, President Klaus Iohannis said that Romanians shouldn’t fear, but that our country needs to be prepared for any scenario, including the one in which Russia rejects the dialogue path, in the crisis concerning Ukraine. The chief of state stressed that, no matter what the current evolution in region is, NATO has to maintain its deterrence and defense at high levels.
Klaus Iohannis: The consolidation of the allied presence on the Eastern flank of NATO, including in our country, is very important for the regional stability but also for the security of the Alliance as a whole and of the citizens of the allied states.

Romania registered a new record of the pandemic: over 100,000 COVID tests

Romania registered two records yesterday, concerning the pandemic: over 100,000 tests have been processed and more than 34,000 people have been tested positive with the coronavirus. In other words, one in three people have been tested positive. The high number of tests is due to involving family doctors in the process but also to the almost 30 hospitals in the capital, that now collect probes from people with symptoms. The solution of opening such testing points is now taken in consideration for the entire country, with the objective of diminishing the pressure that the Ambulance Service is subjected to. The authorities estimate that the high numbers registered yesterday will be exceeded in the next period, as the present wave of infections maintains a rising trend. More infections have been confirmed amongst the medical staff. For now, the situation does not seriously affect the ability to offer medical assistance, says Health Minister Alexandru Rafila. He mentioned that they are still working on a staff testing mechanism, at the start of the working hours.

The days of films “In the Memory of the Holocaust”, at Muzeul Ţăranului Cinema

January 27 is the International Day Remembrance Day. Over six million jews, members of other ethnic communities, disabled people and Germany’s opponents have fallen victim of the Nazi Germany and its collaborators. The commemoration marks the liberation of the survivors of the Nazi work camps in Auschwitz Birkenau, in Poland, by the Soviet Army, on January 27 1945. In the Romanian capital, the historic moment will be marked with the Days of films “In Memory of the Holocaust”, which start today, at 6 pm, at Muzeul Ţăranului Cinema. The fourth edition of the event will take place until January 29.

Alexandra Ioniță