Thursday, February 3, 2022

Romania plans to buy F-35 fighter jets and this acquisition could start at the beginning of 2030

Romania intends to buy F-35 fighter jets, and the acquisition could start at the beginning of 2030, said president Klaus Iohannis yesterday, during a ceremony that took place at the air base in Câmpia Turzii. The chief of state insisted that risks and threats to regional European and Transatlantic security have increased and that air forces have a major role in reinforcing the defense capability of the country. 71 air Base in Câmpia Turzii hosts Mig-21 Lancer fighter jets, military helicopters and some of the most modern drones in the world, operated by American forces detached to this unit.

Romanian authorities in Bucharest welcomed the announcement made by the Pentagon

Romanian authorities in Bucharest have welcomed the announcement made by the Pentagon. 3,000 American forces will be sent on the Eastern flank of NATO, among which, approximately 1,000 troops will be repositioned in Romania, from a German base. President Klaus Iohannis, prime minister Nicolae Ciucă and defense minister Vasile Dîncu have saluted the initiative and said that it would have an important role in deterring any negative evolution concerning the security of the region and in strengthening the defense capability of the army. Romanian officials have underlined that this is a measure meant to support security and defense of the country, which will contribute at the same time to strengthening the defense allied posts and to deterring any aggression on the Eastern flank.
France will suggest sending several hundred troops to our country, as part of the allied policy to defend and deter on the Eastern flank of the North Atlantic Alliance. The suggestion will be made at the NATO defense ministers’ meeting, next week, announced French foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian.

The number of COVID cases continues to raise in Romania

32,671 new cases of COVID-19 have been announced today in Romania, almost one of three tested people receiving a positive result. The highest incidence rates are registered in Cluj and Timiş – with approximately 26 cases per 1,000 inhabitants. In the capital, the rate continues to raise and on Thursday it reached 24,5 of cases per one thousand inhabitants.
Across the country, al little more than 45% of the COVID beds are occupied, on average, and none of the districts have reached the level of 75% at which schools start online teaching./aionita