The Municipality of Galaţi offers three daily meals for 338 Ukrainian refugees

The Municipality of Galaţi continues to help refugees form Ukraine, offering food for 338 people, on spaces already put at the disposal for housing. The press bureau of the institution informed that, by the means of the Social Aid Canteen food for 138 people has been prepared and delivered on Tuesday, while on Wednesday three meals are insured for 338 people. The food gets to the refugees housed in the spaces of the Municipality or financed by the local budget, according to legal stipulations.

For Ukrainian migrants transiting the country, The Municipality of Galaţi has offered a building that can house 130 people and that received 36 refugees. At the Sports Base “Siderurgistul”, 53 places of the 150 put at the disposal have been occupied.

Translated by Alexandra Ioniță