‘Stefan the Great’ University in Suceava has created a center aimed at supporting and counseling Ukrainian refugees

Stefan the Great’ University in Suceava has created a center aimed at supporting and counseling refugees from Ukraine that continue to come in large numbers to Romania.
More than 500 university volunteers, students and teachers are involved in the effort to ensure accommodation, transport or other essential services that the refugees need. Deputy Rector Stephen Purici said: „The first line is the interpreter; the Faculty of Education Sciences carries out various activities with refugee children, the Social Asistance students are organizing different activities related to counselling and support needed for those who arrived in Romania. We have students who take part in sorting the aid for Ukraine, coming from various parts of Romania and also from abroad. The University has provided accommodation available on a temporary basis to host, at least for a few days, those who move to other parts of Europe”. Deputy Rector of the University of Suceava Stefan Purici added that students from Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova are engaged in an extraordinary effort, both at the Siret border crossing and at the mobile camps in the area.
They translate information and thus ensure communication between refugees and authorities: „It is a big problem in terms of managing the flow of refugees. Lots of citizens from Ukraine do not speak Romanian in the first place, but they do not speak a foreign language, either, English, for example, and here is where our students are helping by translating, interpreting for state structures that receive refugees and then send them to different locations, where they could stay for a certain period or longer.”

Translaed by Mădălina Brotăcel