The European Union has announced a fourth round of sanctions against Moscow, which include, among other things, interdictions for hundreds of Russian individuals and entities to enter the EU and who can have their assets frozen. The package also includes export and import interdictions. According to the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, the new sanctions have been imposed to further isolate Russia and waste the resources serving to fund this barbaric war. The EU high representative for foreign affairs and security policy Josep Borrell denounced the barbaric aggression of Vladimir Putin against the Ukrainian people, which is actually threatening the entire continent. The new round of talks between Moscow and Ukraine has been interrupted but will continue on Tuesday, Ukrainian negotiator Mihailo Podolik has announced, quoted by Reuters. This fourth round of talks was held online unlike the previous ones held in Belarus. Before the peace talks, Kiev announced it would call on Moscow for a truce and the pullout of its troops almost three weeks after the invasion in that country ordered by Russian president Vladimir Putin. The Russian president has asked for the neutrality of Ukraine, the recognition of Russia’s sovereignty over Crimea and the right to self-rule of the breakaway regions in Donbas. Ukrainian authorities on Monday announced that a convoy of 160 vehicles managed to leave the city of Mariupol besieged by Russian troops and pro-Russia separatists. The UN human rights office has announced the death of 636 civilians in Ukraine since the beginning of the war in that country.