AID Romanians with low incomes could benefit from vouchers to cope with the new price hikes affecting the economy. The ruling PSD has proposed the introduction of vouchers for basic food products for the families with children, for the disabled and pensioners. These disadvantaged categories may benefit from the vouchers every other month. Students from disadvantaged families may also be able to use these vouchers to buy stationery, clothes and food. The co-ruling PNL has also agreed to the measure. Most of these vouchers are to be funded through European money unspent so far, the country’s Finance Minister, Adrian Câciu has announced. In his opinion, 70% of the measures aimed at offsetting the effects of the latest price hikes and the war in Ukraine could be funded with EU money.

FUNDS Funds raised during the humanitarian campaign for the Ukrainian refugees who arrive in Romania, launched by the Romanian embassy in the USA jointly with the Romanian United Fund have reached 200 thousand dollars – the Romanian embassy has announced. According to Ambassador Andrei Muraru, this successful campaign is an example of solidarity in a difficult period of time for the Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war. The funds will be used for buying food, clothes, medicines and hygiene items for the refugees as well as for providing accommodation, the right equipment and psychological support. According to UN sources, over 10 million Ukrainians, including more than half of the country’s children, have left their homes since the beginning of the war in their country. Out of the total number, 6.5 million have been relocated inside the country whereas 3.9 million have left it. Out of these roughly 680 thousand have crossed the border into Romania.