Romanian foreign minister Bogdan Aurescu said Monday that the massacre in Bucha was Russia’s responsibility as the war crime happened during the Russian occupation of that area.  The statement was made during debates staged by the think thank New Strategy Centre, attended by the Estonian Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets, who travelled to Bucharest at Aurescu’s invitation. “We must do everything we can to stop this illegal war against Ukraine. And we must do everything we can to bring to justice all those responsible for this massacre”, Aurescu also said. He pleaded for fresh sanctions against Russia and for the consolidation of NATO’s eastern flank. The two ministers are attending a conference to discuss the Russian aggression against Ukraine and how to build a more resilient NATO eastern flank, from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Talks also are looking at ways to further develop bilateral ties, in particular economic and sectoral cooperation and to expand cooperation within regional alliances the two states are both part of, such as the Three Seas Initiatives and the Bucharest Nine. The two officials are also expected to inaugurate an exhibition to celebrate the 100 years of bilateral relations between Romania and Estonia. In turn, the Estonian official said Russia must be further isolated politically and economically, adding that it is important for the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations to be held without military pressure. Eva-Maria Liimets also said that there is no more trust in Russia so NATO’s security, deterrence and defence posture has to be further consolidated.