The International Monetary Fund has significantly revised Romania’s economic growth forecast for this year from 4.8%, as it estimated in autumn, down to  2.2%, according to the latest „World Economic Outlook” report, published on Tuesday by the international financial institution. Next year, Romania will accelerate the growth to 3.4%. The new revised IMF figures are slightly more optimistic than the World Bank’s forecast, which in early April predicted that the economy would register a modest advance of just 1.9% this year and that the risks triggered by the crisis in Ukraine were high. In terms of inflation, too, the IMF has significantly revised its estimates, predicting that Romania will see an average annual price increase of 9.3% this year, two and a half times more than the 3.4% increase forecast last autumn.  The growth rate of prices will slow to 4% next year. The draft budget for 2022 was developed based on an estimated economic growth of 4.6%.