Wednesday, April 20, 2022


The Ministry of Defense starts the campaign „Gratitude to war veterans”

The Ministry of National Defense starts today the campaign „Thanks to the war veterans” by organizing a show supported by the representative orchestra of the Ministry of Defense and the „Tronos” choir of the Romanian Patriarchate, at the Cluj-Napoca National Opera, starting with 19:00. A second performance will take place tomorrow, at 20:00, at the Bucharest National Opera. The Minister of National Defense, Vasile Dîncu, will also participate in both events. Also, in the next period, gift packages will be distributed to the 1,748 war veterans and the 43 war widows on the Romanian territory, as well as to the four veterans from the Republic of Moldova. (RADIO ROMANIA NEWS)

Romanian Embassy in Kyiv reopens in the near future – announces Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu

The Romanian Embassy in Kyiv will reopen in the near future – announces the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu. Technical and security training needs to be completed in the next period. 17 diplomatic missions have already resumed their activities in Kyiv, including those of Italy, Turkey and the Republic of Moldova. (RADIO ROMANIA NEWS)

Humanitarian aid provided by Romania for refugees from Ukraine

More than 750,000 Ukrainians have arrived in Romania since Russia’s invasion of the neighboring state. According to the Border Police, only yesterday, another 7,300 entered our country, an increase of about 11% compared to the previous day. As part of a humanitarian campaign for refugees carried out in the Alba Iulia Diocese, more than 500 thousand lei have been raised so far. People who fled the war were offered food and accommodation and dozens of food shipments were organized, says priest Nicolae Ignat:
Nicolae Ignat: During the eight weeks of the campaign, Ukrainian refugees were offered hot food worth 286 thousand lei, food worth 148 thousand lei, as well as non-food and sanitary products worth 129 thousand lei. Also, since the end of February and until now, 21 food transports have been organized in Ukraine, in the Republic of Moldova or at the border, totaling 496 thousand lei. Currently, 170 people are accommodated in the accommodation network organized at the level of the parish communities in the Diocese of Alba Iulia. (RADIO ROMANIA NEWS)/aboboc

Adelina Boboc