Monday, May 9-th

„Save the Children” Health Caravan in support of reducing infant mortality

The organization „Save the Children” launches a health caravan for each community and points out that almost 45% of girls under the age of 15 who have become mothers in the European Union are from Romania. Data from the National Federation of Family Physicians Association show that 53% of localities in the country do not have a family doctor at all or they are insufficient, so that health education is at a very low level and pregnant girls cannot benefit from medical care. An analysis of European bodies shows that, in 2020 alone, 731 Romanian women under the age of 15 gave birth, while in the under-18 age group the number rose to almost 8,300. Save the Children is involved and organizes caravans in disadvantaged areas of the counties to help reduce infant mortality. The NGO thus ensures the access of mothers and pregnant women, but also of children under five to integrated services – medical, social, educational./opopescu

Demonstration in support of Ukraine, in Arad

A rally in support of Ukraine and a protest against the Russian invasion took place last night in Arad, at the request of Ukrainian refugees. They wanted to mark the fact that Russia is celebrating Victory Day in World War II by attacking other countries. The event, which was attended by dozens of people, took place at the Monument to Soviet Heroes who fell in the September 1944 fighting for the liberation of Arad./opopescu

„Europe needs to become stronger and better prepared” – President Klaus Iohannis

The threat of the Russian Federation to Euro-Atlantic security may remain a reality for years to come. That is why „Europe needs to become stronger and better prepared, by strengthening transatlantic cooperation, developing interoperability capabilities and mobilizing efforts in full complementarity with NATO,” President Klaus Iohannis said in a Europe Day message. The President of Romania also says that „15 years after accession, our nation demonstrates that it is dynamic, deeply pro-European, capable of empathy, compassion, a spirit of sacrifice.” „The European Union was born as a nucleus of peace and solidarity,” Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said in his message. „It has developed, strengthened and overcome major economic and social challenges over its more than seven decades of existence. Due to the mobilization at Union level, Romania and all other member states have benefited from the common European response to the pandemic crisis, and the European Recovery and Resilience Mechanism is a valuable point of support for the coming period”./opopescu

Ovidiu Popescu, RADOR