Most Romanians perceive Russia as an enemy state, and the war in Ukraine is seen as a critical or important problem for the country in the medium and long run. These are the findings of an opinion poll conducted this month by the Avangarde social and behavioural research. According to the survey, 64% of the Romanians see Russia as an enemy state, and only 2% see it as a friendly country. In a ranking of friendly states, first comes the Republic of Moldova, followed by Germany and the US. More than half of the respondents also see France, the UK, Spain and Italy as friendly states, while Serbia, Hungary and China are seen rather as competitors. Among the problems seen as important for Romania in the medium and long run, the respondents mentioned climate change, Hungary’s investments in Transylvania, the fact that nearly half of the Rep. Moldova’s population are pro-Russian, the war in Ukraine, as well as the fact that Germany, Austria and Hungary rely on Russian natural gas.
Eugen Cojocariu, Radio Romania International