Monday, May 23, 2022

Romanian government’s emergency order

The government of Romania issued an emergency order on rules designed to ensure food security for people at a time of crisis. Pandemic rules and further war in Ukraine led to disruption of supply chains and new regulations, the government says. Among other products, the ruling  involves food, cereals, and rice. The ruling was put forward by Romania’s Agriculture Ministry on Monday. As one of the EU’s leading agricultural producers, Romainia is mobilising to fill some gaps left by Russian and Ukrainian exporters.

PSD leader rejeects taxation rule

Romania’s governing Social-Democrats (left-wing Social Democrat Party – PSD) ruled out a tax currently in place for some professionals. PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu insisted on a progressive taxation as he claimed  it should be a balance between taxation of labour and capital. The middle class and poor people are most exposed to such dangers. “Are we supposed to prevent such dangers or not?”, Mr. Ciolacu pointed out. “You have to come up with a future for this country”, Mr. Ciolacu said while pointing out that no new tax and duties were expected.

French-Romanian event in Iassy

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (Department of Communication Sciences, Public Relations, Philosophy and Social-Political Siences Dept.) is hosting an event between May 26 – 28 for the first time. The event brings together high-ranking delegates in the field (academics, researchers and artists along with students from France, Romania, Ukraine, and Africa. Attendants include some 90 experts in communication, visual arts, cultural studies, journalism, museology, librarians, cultural heritage experts, and medical studies. The 25th edition is the result of co-operation between the Alexandru Ioan  Cuza University and labs such as SIC Lab Mediteranee  – Cote d’-Azur, IMSIC, Center Norbert Elias (Avignon)., and UMR LISA (Pasquale Paoli – Corsica}.

Romania – Coronavirus updates

Romania reported 234 new COVID-19 cases on Monday which is 42 more than the previous day, with 2 deaths (men), and another 100 people under intensive care which is one less than figures reported a day before. In capital Bucharest, the number of new cases hit 47, according to data issued by the country’s Strategic Communication Group (GSC). With its 42 cases, Bucharest still leads among other regions in the country, followed by the southern  county of Ilfov (19 cases), and western counties of Timiș and Suceava  (12 cases).

Alexandru Danga