Friday, May 27, 2022

Bogdan Aurescu will try to convince his Turkish counterpart that Ankara should accept Sweden and Finland to join NATO

Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu will try today to convince his Turkish counterpart, Mevlut Cavuşoglu, that Ankara should accept Sweden and Finland joining NATO. Bogdan Aurescu joins today a trilateral meeting between Romania, Poland and Turkey and has talked, prior to that, to the Swedish and Finnish foreign ministers about the joining process. The Trilateral meeting Romania – Poland – Turkey has been launched 10 years ago, at the initiative of Bucharest, to consolidate the regional and allied security. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, on the anniversary meeting today, Bogdan Aurescu will underline the firm support that Romania offers to the NATO policy and to its open doors to a fast process of accepting Sweden and Finland in the Alliance.

After a 10-year break, Băneasa Airport will be reopened, in the north of the capital

After an almost 10-year break, Băneasa Airport, in the north of the capital, will be reopened this summer. It will take over some of the flights from Otopeni Airport, to reduce congestion, for internal and external routes, said George Dorobanţu, director general of the Airports Company Bucharest.
George Dorobanţu: In a couple of weeks’ time, we will already have the first commercial flights there. We are talking to a number of charter specialized companies to start operating, at least during the summer, from Băneasa, so that we can free some slots, some periods of time on Otopeni, and, at the same time, we are having talks with smaller operators, specialized in internal or regulated trips, not necessarily line trips, to operate smaller planes including ATR, from Băneasa, especially business, trips to other locations in Romania or in neighboring countries.

Two trucks loaded with 50 tons of used tires were stopped by Environmental Guard

Two trucks that transported almost 50 tons of used tires have been stopped at the border crossing Nădlac 2. The Environmental Guard has announced that it has taken the decision because the firm where they were supposed to arrive did not meet the legal conditions to take such waste. The two trucks were coming from Italy and the drivers were Romanian.

Alexandra Ioniță