President Klaus Iohannis is attending a two-day summit of EU leaders in Brussels focusing on the security situation and the consequences of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. „Gaps have appeared in supply chains and one of the most serious is caused by the fact that Ukraine, whose Black Sea ports are blocked, can no longer export cereals, which gives rise to a domino effect whose effects can be felt all the way to Africa, South America and Asia”, said the Romanian president ahead of the summit. He said Romania can provide significant support, with some Ukrainian wheat exports already being conducted via Romania. The EU leaders will be discussing ways to further provide political, economic and financial support to Ukraine, including the EU’s involvement in post-war reconstruction efforts. The need to help Moldova consolidate its resilience, ways to  ensure continuous food exports from Ukraine in order to maintain food safety at global level are also on the agenda of talks, alongside the diversification of energy sources and routes and the security of energy supply.