Thursday, June 30

Romania’s governing coalition agreed Fiscal Code changes

Leaders of Romania’s governing coalition reached an agreement on Fiscal Code changes, Radio Romania reported on Thursday. Some measures are expected to come into force on August 1 while others are scheduled for the beginning of next year. The new changes include among other things a tax increase in real estate transactions between individuals from the current 5 percent to 8 percent, and extra charges on alcohol, sugar and sweets, tobacco and gambling. The amendments may come under public debate today with a government approval expected next week.

Unit One at Romania’s nuclear power plant restarts working

Unit One at Romania’s only nuclear power plant at Cernavodă restarts working. The announcement was made by the country’s national nuclear operator Nuclearelectrica. The news on Wednesday comes after maintenance works started in May have been completed. Located in south-eastern Romania, the Cernavodă plant include two nuclear reactors of 700 megawatts each. Their output covers around a fifth of the country’s electricity needs. Candu Energy, part of Canada’s SNC Lavalin Group, has been chosen ny Nuclearelectrica SA to conduct improvement works at Unit One where it will perform axial channel shifting for several fuel channels over three years.

Former President Traian Băsescu against Romania’s Constitutional Court

An appeal court in Romania’s capital Bucharest admitted a complaint on Thursday put forward by former president Traian Băsescu claiming that a recent ruling of the country’s Constitutional Court was… unconstitutional. The Romanian court has upheld in 2019 the conclusion of the country’s official body for the study of the Communist secret police, the former Securitate, that Mr. Băsescu was one of its informers spying on colleagues and other people. Currently a MEP, Mr. Băsecu is now expected to lose all his privileges as a former head of state including a RA-APPS villa and protection from SPP (Romania’s Protection and Guard Service).

RADOR – Alexandru Danga