On a visit to Greece on Thursday, Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca called on his Greek counterpart, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, to support Romania’s accession to Schengen. The message was conveyed during a joint press statement of the two officials. Joining Schengen is a national goal, it is a recognition of the efforts that Romania has made in this regard, efforts that have been quite visible during this period, since the war began in Ukraine, and we have provided all the elements so that the transit of people, goods, cereals from Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova can take place in safe conditions, thus proving that we comply with the requirements of the Schengen acquis, Nicolae Ciuca said. The visit was occasioned by the operationalization of the Greece-Bulgaria gas interconnector, extremely important for the transport network to Europe, through which up to three billion cubic meters of gas could be delivered annually.