Romania has enough gas stocks and can also support the neighboring Moldova in this respect.

Europe is facing an ‘unprecedented risk’ in terms of natural gas deliveries this winter, after Russia has cut off most deliveries, and may have to compete with Asia for expensive liquefied gas transported by ships, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has announced. According to the Agency’s latest report, EU member states will have to reduce consumption by 13% through the winter period, in the case of a complete Russian supply shutdown in the context of the war in Ukraine. Therefore, gas saving measures for consumers, the industrial sector and the utility sector will be crucial, the report says. A longer cold season is also a risk, as supply disruptions are more likely. The EU storage facilities are 88% full, some 8% more than the initial target. The IEA however says the EU’s storage facilities must be close to 90%, in case Russia decides to completely cut off deliveries to Europe.

Romania’s gas storage facilities are about 87% full, says PM Nicolae Ciuca. He also says Romania can support Moldova in this respect in case the Russian Gazprom halts deliveries to this country. Nicolae Ciuca: ”If we sign contracts for the winter season, to keep a balance in the system and secure the quantities needed for the cold days, we can do this. If Gazprom suspends deliveries right now, they do have a problem, but we can deliver to the Republic of Moldova a maximum quantity of five million cubic meters per day. “

A few days ago, the Interconnector Greece – Bulgaria (IGB) was inaugurated, helping countries in the region be energetically independent from Moscow. Attending the event that marked the end of the IGB construction, a key route to carry gas from the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline and Greece to Bulgaria and neighbouring countries, were political leaders from the countries benefitting the project. Representing Romania was PM Nicolae Ciuca. The natural gas from Azerbaijan reaches Greece and Bulgaria and in the future will also reach Romania.

The interconnector shows the efforts Romania has made to find new energy sources and new natural gas transport networks, so as the BRUA project, perfected by Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Austria becomes functional. Nicolae Ciuca: “This interconnector shows the value of the BRUA project and allows us to support the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine through the gas quantities that can be transported through this pipeline.”

The EU is supporting the Interconnector Greece – Bulgaria for which it has allotted 200 million euros.

(Mihai Pelin, Radio Romania International)