New economic sanctions applied to Russia by the European Union and the G7 group have come into force. They consist in capping the price at which Russia exports oil and in the European embargo on Russian oil imported by sea.

The measures are meant to reduce Russia’s incomes, which it uses to finance its war machine. Although some experts fear a destabilization of the world market, Brussels’ decision includes a reserve margin, so that Moscow should not be forced to stop its exports. Capping is rejected by Russia, which claims that it will only sell oil to those countries that do not cap its price.

In Bucharest, the energy minister Virgil Popescu gave assurances that the embargo on Russian crude oil will not affect Romania, given that the oil companies in our country have found alternative resources. He pointed out that, as of last week, the domestic oil companies and refineries had started processing only non-Russian crude oil. For his part, the general director of the TRANSGAZ company, Ioan Sterian, emphasized that there are no reasons to fear that Romania will run out of gas this winter.

Radio Romania International