Tuesday, January 3 2023

January’s pensions and social aid delayed

Disrtribution of pensions and social aid are to be delayed by a few days this month following Chriistmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations as employees of state institutions and workers with Romania’s National House of Public Pensions were off for a few days. Pensions are to be paid at home between January 6 -17 and at postal offices until January 19. Post employees are expected to finalise the pay in eight working days as they work at full capacity, according to a statement made recently by Romanian Post’s director general Valentin Ștefan.

Fall of Romania’s Hungarian-speaking minority population

Figures concerning Romania’s Hungarian-speaking minority fell dramatically, according to preliminary results of a census last year, published on Friday. Compared to data of a previous census in 2011, the number of Hungarians livng in Romania fell by 225,000 people and hit just over 1 million, meaning that the Hungarian minority in Romania lost o fifth of its population, according to a press release sent to Hungary’s MTI press agency. There were some 1.2 million Hungarian speakers in Romania, making up over six per cent of the population, the biggest minority in the country. However, for some Hungarian-speaking Romanians, the decrease proved „the efficiency of the silent genocide against the Hungarians at a time of peace”, according to the National Presidency of the Hungarian Alliance in Transylvania (AMT).

Romanian writer D. R. Popescu dies at 87

Dumitru Radu Popescu, a well-known writer in Romania’s Communist era died in the capital Bucharest on January 2, 2023. He was 87. Born in Păușa, a village in Romania’s northern county of Bihor, Dumitru Radu Popescu, also known as D.R. Popescu, was a correspondent member of the Romanian Academy and once president of the Writers’ Union in Romania (USR). His works include novels such as The Royal Hunt and The Angels’ City, a number of screenplays along with plays such as Those Sad Angels, The Cat on New Years’ Eve, The Shakespeare Bird and A Handkerchief on the Danube. However, he was also known for his co-operation with former Romanian Communist Party as a member of the party’s Central Committee and a member of the Great National Assembly (former Communist parliament).

Alexandru Danga