January 25, 2023

Timisoara is one of the cities in Romania that offers the best conditions to Ukrainian refugees

Timișoara is one of the Romanian cities that offers the best conditions to refugees from Ukraine, appreciated the lawyer of Ukrainian origin Iana Sarafolean, settled in Romania for several years. She specified that in Timişoara the people who fled the war receive both material aid and psychological support:
Iana Sarafolean: Timisoara is very well prepared. So, the Ukrainians, who arrived here, are very, very lucky with those who help them, support them and guide them, that here they are informed, they are helped in all problems, absolutely all. The children also have the opportunity to continue their studies, medical assistance, if needed, Russian and Ukrainian speaking doctors are contacted, interpreters are found, so everything is fine, but there are few of them here. Now, the overpopulated localities are those near the borders.

The governing coalition plans to increase the monthly income ceiling for granting financial aid to pay for heat

The governing coalition intends to increase the ceiling of the monthly income from 2,000 lei to 3,000 lei, in order to grant the financial aid of 1,400 lei to pay for the heat, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă announced. He specified that this decision depends on how the 2.2 billion euros will be used, intended for this financial support for vulnerable people.
Nicolae Ciucă: Depending on how we will be able to use that established amount, of 2.2 billion euros, and falling within this money, depending on how the money is allocated for other objectives and not spent, the social categories for which we take into account are those according to income.

Eight schools in Romania will benefit from European funds for digitization

Eight schools in Romania will benefit from European funds for digitization in the amount of approximately 20,000 euros for each school unit following the pilot project initiated by PSD MEP Victor Negrescu. The grants obtained by educational establishments will enable them to invest in technological and digital infrastructure, to run training modules for teachers and students or to provide access to quality digital content to learners. The initiator said that through this pilot project he wanted to directly help schools, students and teachers in isolated rural areas or with deficiencies in terms of access to technology. The project was launched on the occasion of International Education Day, marked annually on January 24.

Adelina Boboc