Wednesday, May 24th 2023

Prime Minister Ciucă confirms he will resign in two days time

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă confirmed today that he will resign in two days time, as stated initially in the coalition protocol of governing rotation, even if negotiations with PSD and UDMR, concerning ministers leadership have not yet ended. Nicolae Ciucă said that, by Monday, he will make a decision concerning him staying in the executive. His comments were made in Ştefăneşti, in Argeş county, at an event to mark 148 years since the foundation of PNL political party.
The liberal leader said that the next government will have 18 ministries, less that now, and that representatives of the coalition parties will go to see president Iohannis after the end of discussions.

The German president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, begins a three-day visit in Romania

The German president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, begins today a three-day visit in Romania, at the invitation of president Klaus Iohannis. The two leaders will hold face to face talks, aimed at the development of political, security and economic cooperation and they will send a solidarity message and support to Ukraine and of support towards The Republic of Moldova. Tomorrow, Klaus iohannis and Frank-Walter Steinmeier will be in Sibiu, where they will meet representatives of the German community in Romania and they will visit „Samuel von Brukenthal” National College and the evangelical church, fortified in Cristian. The German [resident will end his visit in Timişoara, on Friday. He will host a concert at the Filarmonica and he will meet Dominic Fritz, he will visit „Nikolaus Lenau” Theoretical High school and he will meet representatives of the Jewish and German communities.

The government came with a series of solutions to the problems in education

The government came with a series of solutions to the problems in education, and the unions should understand that not all grievances can be satisfied in a single day, said president Klaus Iohannis today, in a first reaction related to the teachers’ strike that continues for a third day.
Klaus Iohannis: Solutions have been found to a series of the things asked by the unions and we had a discussion with the leadership of the coalition on this matter. These promises will be honored, no matter how the negotiations will continue. What the government promised that is possible the government will do. On the other hand, unions must see that a negotiation takes place in such a way that the two sides meet in the middle. It is difficult to imagine that all solicitations will be met until tomorrow, but the issue remains in the attention of the coalition and there is this firm promise to work on the law of unique payment, that will come with positive solutions./aionita