Friday, September 22, 2023

The third edition of the Bread Fair takes place in Bucharest

Over 100 Romanian agri-food products can be enjoyed this weekend in Bucharest, on the occasion of the third edition of the Bread Fair. Small producers from most areas of the country and from the capital participate, with diversified bread and pastry recipes, but also meat, dairy, fish and vegetable products. The organizers specify that all these products are registered on European quality systems as mountain products or traditionally certified. According to statistical data, bread and bakery products remain in first place in Romanians’ choices in terms of food consumption. In 2021, the population consumed over 88 kilograms of bread per person, still decreasing compared to the previous year.

The President of Romania delivered a speech at the „World Leaders Forum” event in New York, on the topic of the war in Ukraine

Russia expected a weak international community and a compliant Ukraine, but by threatening to use force and then by using it, it got the exact opposite – President Klaus Iohannis said. In his opinion, one thing is obvious: for everyone’s security, Ukraine must win this war. The Romanian head of state delivered a speech at Columbia University in New York, during the „World Leaders Forum” event on the topic of war.

The Journalist’s White Paper, launched by the Federation of Children’s NGOs

Few journalists have experience interviewing children, especially if the children are facing serious violations of their rights or tragedies. More care and sensitivity is needed not to traumatize them further and to respect their privacy. The Journalist’s White Paper, launched today by the Federation of Children’s NGOs, wants a guide in this regard, with guidance on how interaction with minors should take place. It is, at the same time, a document through which the children express their wishes, but also the fears they have when talking to journalists.
Daniela Bosca, the executive director of the federation: They are afraid that information about them will reach the press and that they can be identified. If they are identified at school they will be discriminated against and in their social environment they may be discriminated against. The children are also dissatisfied that only scandalous news is promoted, and not the news that would also interest them, and they would like to see more news that is informative and educational, and that this part of verbal violence and of incitement to hatred./aboboc

Adelina Boboc – RADOR