The Romanian foreign minister Luminița Odobescu took part in the Ukraine peace summit.

Romania has supported the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s peace plan from the very beginning, and Russia’s “so-called peace proposal” lacks credibility, says the Romanian diplomacy chief Luminiţa Odobescu, who took part in the international Summit on Peace in Ukraine, held this past weekend in Switzerland.
Luminița Odobescu pointed out that Romania’s view is that peace in the neghbouring country should be based on the UN Charter and on the principles of international law. The Romanian foreign minister stated that the peace summit hosted by Switzerland was a success, both in terms of the large number of participants, and in that the participants agreed that peace in Ukraine should rely on the UN Charter and international law.
The event was organized at the request of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy concerning the start of a process aimed at fair, comprehensive and sustainable peace in Ukraine. Extensive international participation was reported, with over 100 countries and international organisations from around the globe taking part.
In a national statement, the Romanian foreign minister highlighted the exclusive responsibility of the Russian Federation for its aggression against Ukraine, which is a serious violation of fundamental principles of international law. She also dismissed the Russian propaganda’s narratives concerning Moscow’s alleged willingness to negotiate.
“Three top-priority themes on Ukraine’s agenda have been discussed, as part of the peace plan presented by president Zelenskyy, namely nuclear security, food security and humanitarian aspects. Basically, the participants discussed in detail the core principles on which future peace should rely,” Luminița Odobescu explained.
She also added that while the process is lengthy, the large number of participants from all parts of the world is an indicator of the international community’s interest in finding solutions, and of the fact that a rule-based international order remains a critical foundation of international relations.
At the panel on food security, the Romanian diplomacy chief presented Romania’s dynamic role in facilitating Ukrainian exports, and the efforts made by Romania, either alone or together with foreign partners, to further improve the transit capacity for Ukrainian food products. The Romanian official also discussed the efforts made by Romania jointly with Bulgaria and Turkey to secure traffic in the Black Sea, under the mine clearance agreement signed by the three countries.
At the end of the summit, a joint communiqué was signed, emphasizing the need for all future talks or peace efforts to be based on the UN Charter and to comply with the principles of international law. (Leyla Cheamil, Radio Romania International)