Tuesday, october 7th

SMURD celebrates ten years of air medical missions in Romania

SMURD – Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication  celebrates, today, ten years of air medical missions in Romania. A ceremony, attended by Prime Minister Victor Ponta, will be held at the Ministry of Interior, where some of those who save lives every day will be awarded medals. SMURD’s air activity is intended for emergency medical intervention and transport of patients who are in critical condition. Eight helicopters and two airplanes, equipped with top medical equipment, have been saving people’s lives since 1997.

Rally organized by ‘Cartel Alfa’ National Trade Union Confederation

‘Cartel Alfa’ National Trade Union Confederation has organized, today, a rally in Victoria Square in Bucharest. The unionists demanded the amendment of the law on social dialogue, adopted three years ago. The demands are for normal working relations for the employees. That is, the right to bargain which is, today, practically  removed, the right to defend workers’ rights in Romania, the right to labor dispute, that means the right to go on strike, which according to the law,  is completely abolished. Four thousand people attended the rally, according to the union leaders.

A Hungarian Honorary Consulate was inaugurated in Drobeta Turnu Severin

A Hungarian honorary Consulate was  opened in the city of Drobeta Turnu Severin on Tuesday. The consulate will be led by Endre Molnár, and entrepreneur living for several decades already in the city on the Danube. „We strive to provide consular representation across the entire country. „- Botond Zákonyi, Hungarian ambassador in Bucharest  said,  thus justifying the opening of the Hungarian representation in Drobeta Turnu Severin.

Zarnesti and Creasta Cocoşului, the first two ecotourism destinations in Romania

Two tourism  destinations in Romania, have received, today, in Brasov, on the occasion of the 88th  General Assembly of the European Commission for Tourism,  Diplomas of Excellence for ecotourism destinations. The National Tourism Authority and the Association of Ecotourism in Romania have launched a program that will support nine tourism areas across the country, so that they improve their performance in this area. The first two ecotourism destinations in Romania are the town of Zarnesti, Brasov county, and Creasta Cocoşului , Maramures County. Areas that receive the status of „Ecotourism Destination” will get  national and international promotion of their cultural values and natural attractions. Everything is possible due to the „National network of ecotourism destinations – a tool for sustainable development” project , with a total value of 155,000 euros.

Natalia Polikarpov – Rador News Agency