Thursday, October 9th

Romanian  President promulgates  law removing doctors from civil servant category

The Romanian President Traian Basescu promulgated, on Wednesday, the law by which the medical doctors are no longer included in the category of public servants. The law was adopted by the Chamber of Deputies in June, but the President sent it back to Parliament for re-examination, arguing that the removal of doctors from the civil servant’s status  diminished penal responsibility for all offences provided by law for this category. The Chamber of Deputies rejected the request for re-examination, which resulted, according to the Constitution, in the obligation for  the President to promulgate it had been passed by Parliament.

Commemorating the Holocaust in Romania

Today, October 9th , Romania marks the Holocaust Day. Deportation of Jews from Bukovina began73 years ago. Each year, the event is remembered in Bistrita. About 7,000 Jews were deported from Bistrita-Nasaud in June 1944, and only 700 managed to return home. Freddy Deac, President of the Jewish Community: The Jews suffered a lot, and only about 10 percent of them returned back home. By their direct support, the Monument of Deportees was inaugurated in front of the Synagogue, on August 23rd, 1946.  In Bucharest, the exhibition „The Holocaust through the eyes of a child”, hosted by „Jean Monnet” High School, has been opened.

Bucharest hosts a forum on agriculture and environment

Problems in global agriculture are addressed today, in Bucharest, at a special forum. The participants  will also discuss aspects related to climate change, but also about how agriculture can be competitive, but protecting the environment, too. Representatives of the European Commission, industry and farmers are attending the event. The conference is organized by the League of Associations of Farmers in Romania and the European Organization of Landowners.

Natalia Polikarpov