News review of the day – Monday, February 9th

President Kalus Johannis participates in European Union summit

President Kalus Johannis will travel abroad, this week, on the one hand to attend the European Union summit, but also for an official visit to France. In his first interview with a foreign television, Romanian President told, days ago, the francophone channel TV5MONDE that he will have a very good relationship with France and that he wants that the foreign language, French language, to be more studied in schools. The head of state is expected to meet with his French counterpart, Francois Hollande and with the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls. The visit also includes attending a reception hosted by Romanian Embassy in Paris, where he will meet with members of the Romanian community in France. President Klaus Johannis will go then to Brussels to attend a European Council meeting and he will also be present at the European People’s Party summit, which will take place on 12th February. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

American destroyer USS Cole will arrive in Constanta

American destroyer USS Cole will arrive in Constanta. Through its presence in the area, the Americans reaffirm their commitment regarding strengthening partnerships and operational capabilities of the United States, NATO and their local partners. During the stopover in Romania there are scheduled joint training exercises and official visits to various objectives of the Romanian Navy. Romanian and American soldiers will carry out joint exercises at sea, aimed at maintaining a high level of training for Romanian Navy seamen. These were planned a year ago and they are included in the main activities of the Romanian Navy General Staff. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

President Klaus Johannis presents his first message in Parliament since he took the presidential oath of office

Romanian President, Klaus Iohannis will go to Parliament today, where he will present to senators and deputies his first message since he took the presidential oath of office. The President will speak before Parliament shortly after the start of the new session, during which the lawmakers will propose, among other issues, reforming the electoral law and adopting simpler procedures for lifting the parliamentary immunity. In the same time, they will resume debates on revision of the Constitution. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Adrian Strugariu – RADOR