News review of the day – Tuesday, June 23rd

Romania’s National Defence Strategy adopted

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said Romania’s National Strategy was designed to turn the country into a powerful state in Europe and around the world. The strategy is aimed at defending rights and liberties for all Romanian nationals with the North Atlantic Alliance as essential defender of Romania’s national security, President Klaus Iohannis said while adressing parliament on Tuesday. The new strategy includes an extended security in such areas as economy, education, health and environment. The parliament should be increasingly involved in the country’s defence and security matters, President Iohannis concluded. The strategy was unanimously adopted at a joint session of Romania’s Senate and House of Deputies.

EU Commissioner Corina Creţu expected to sign an Operational Regional Programme for Romania

EU Commissioner for Regional Policies Corina Creţu is expected to sign Romania’s Operational Regional Programme for 2014 – 2020. The document will be signed along with the country’s Regional Development and Public Administration Minister Sevil Shaideh at a cermonony on Tuesday. The 8.2 billion programme also includes a 6.7 billion euro share from the European Fund for Regional Development. The European Commission headquarters in Brussels is expected to host the signing ceremony followed by a press briefing at 4 PM.

Unemployment rate raised by 7.4 percent

Romania’s unemployment hit 650.000 people in the first quarter of the year, 60.000 more than in the previous quarter, according to figures published by te country’s National Institute of Statistics (INS). Youths are most affected, an INS report says. Almost 25 percent of the people under 24 face problems in getting a job, according to INS. The unemployment rate reached highest level (24.7%) among youths between 15-24. By sex, the gap between unemployment rates was 2.4 percent (8.4% for men against 6.0% for women), while by residential areas, it was 0.5 percent (7.6% for urban areas against 7.1% for rural areas).

The Ia Day

Romania is celebrating its International Ia Day in the Austrian capital Vienna on June 24. Romanians are celebrating thousands of years of legacy, a universal connection of beauty and spirituality. The Romanian peasant blouse, initially known as „ie”, also became a symbol of the country’s love and respect for nature and environment. The event is organised by the Mihai Eminescu Association in Vienna with support of the Romanian Cultural Institute at Palmenhaus (Hofburg). Romanian fashion designer Liliana Turoiu will present her „Dowry/Heritage” collection. Ms. Turoiu is an art director and scholar with Romania’s Arts University in the capital Bucharest. A music programme will include such stars as Austrian singer Como, and Romanian artists such the pan-flute soloist Andreea Chira and pianist Ruben Doran.

Alexandru Danga