Monday, October 28th

Romania’s presidential elections in the news

•Ramona Ioana Bruynseels, presidential candidate of the Party of Humanist Power, is in the Romania’s Transylvanian town of Cluj-Napoca on Monday when she is expected to meet her supporters.

•Mircea Diaconu, an actor and former MEP, presidential candidate of the One Man Alliance, will meet his supporters in the City Hall Plaza in Braşov, a Transylvanian town in central Romania.

•Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis presented his agenda in his new presidential programme as he is running for a second mandate. Mr. Iohannis, a candidate of the right-wing National Liberal Party (PNL), launched his campaign under the slogan Together for a Normal Romania. „After years of Social-Democratic leadership, Romania remains first among EU’s poorest and last as defender of the vulnerable people. We need a long-term vision covering solutions and real measures in support of all social levels”, Mr. Iohannis said on Sunday as quoted by Radio Romania.

•Acting Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă, a presidential candidate of the left-wing Social Democratic Party was on a visit to Ferentari, one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the capital Bucharest with a Roma majority. She said the Roma had big gains from her party’s measures in the past though there were still many things to be done. „We have also tried to bring more Romanians into the middle class. Such things are not easy to do; however, we fought for them and we won”, Ms. Dăncilă told supporters on Sunday.

•Dan Barna, presidential candidate of the USR Plus Alliance, was in Braşov on Sunday when he claimed he was the only alternative to the existing political class in three decades.
Other presidential candidates include among others Theodor Paleologu, a former minister and PNL member, current candidate of the PMP party, and Kelemen Hunor, leader of the Democratic Union of Ethnic Humgarians in Romania (UDMR).

Conference on sturgeons’ future in river Danube and the Black Sea

One hundred experts from countries bordering river Danube meet in the Romanian eastern town of Galatzi on Monday fot a three-day conference.The event offers a unique opportunity for stakeholders to share their experience and help raise awareness of such issues as sturgeon population in the area. The conservation measures required a fishery ban in the Lower Danube countries, affecting the fishermen communities who used to base their livelihood on sturgeons. To compensate their loss, a conference in 2018 established the program Sturgeon 2020 aimed at supporting the development of alternative livelihood for local communities such as aquaculture for fish and other aquatic species, small scale production of bio-products, eco-tourism, etc.

Czech Zentiva takes over Romania’s LaborMed

Zentiva, a Czech producer of high-quality medicines in Europe and beyond, takes over LaborMed, a pharmaceutical company in Romania. With a dedicated team of more than 3,000 people and a network of production sites – including flagship sites in Prague and Bucharest – Zentiva strives to be the champion of branded and generic medicines in Europe. Zentiva recently announced the signing of a final agreement to acquire Alvogen CEE, for an undisclosed amount. Zentiva covers leading positions in 14 key markets across CEE including Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Balkan markets. LaborMed Pharma is a Romanian pharmaceutical company established in 1991. In December 2007, LaborMed Pharma became part of Advent International, an investment company, for € 123 million.
Alexandru Danga/adanga