Thursday, April the 2nd 2020

World Autism Awareness Day marked in Bucharest by illuminating the main buildings in blue

Important buildings in Bucharest will be illuminated in blue tonight, at 19:00 o’clock, as a sign of solidarity with the 30 000 people suffering from autism in Romania. Worldwide, World Autism Awareness Day is marked today and, this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic events in open spaces have been canceled. The Association for music, culture and art, one of the organizers, invites Romanians to use the “Blue Night” filter to send an encouraging message on social media. The Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company is one of the event’s partners.

Over 950 000 work contracts suspended or cancelled starting the 1st of April in Romania

Over 950 000 work contracts have been suspended or cancelled, according to data published yesterday by the Minister of Labor. Approximately 207 000 employees in the manufacturing industry, almost 156 000 in the commerce industry and auto repair shops and 110 000 workers in hotels and restaurants are now technically unemployed. Over 155 000 individual contracts have been suspended, most of them in commerce, services, manufacturing and constructions industries. Authorities remind that, as of yesterday, employers can apply for funds to sustain payment of technical unemployment.

92 deaths caused by coronavirus in Romania

Infections with the new coronavirus have caused 92 deaths in Romania, according to the latest data from the Strategic Communication Group. The last two cases were a 70-year-old man and a 78-year-old woman, both in Bucharest. The source mentioned that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases has risen to 2 460, among which 252 have recovered. 57 patients are hospitalized in intensive units of several hospitals, among which 34 are in a critical state. Over 12 000 people are quarantined and more than 119 000 are isolated at home.

Alexandra Ioniță