The Romanian Foreign Minister, Bogdan Aurescu, participated, on Monday, together with his counterparts from the other EU member states, in the Foreign Affairs Council (EAC), which took place in Brussels.

The agenda of the meeting included in-depth discussions regarding Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, Romania’s neighbor. According to a Romanian Foreign Ministry communiqué, the head of the Romanian diplomacy encouraged Ukraine to continue on the path of reforms, but highlighted the difficult context in which they must be achieved, as a result of Russia’s aggression.

He also expressed support for strengthening the sanctions against Russia, as well as for the EU supporting Ukraine, including through the allocation of a new financial tranche through the European Peace Facility (EPF). In the context of the food crisis caused by Russia’s aggression, Aurescu pointed out that approximately 2.7 million tons of Ukrainian cereals have transited Romania so far, representing about half of the total amount of cereals exported by Ukraine.

He also pleaded for the intensification of EU support for the Republic of Moldova (an ex-Soviet state, with a majority Romanian-speaking population), the states of the regions of South Caucasus and Central Asia, which are particularly vulnerable to the actions of the Russian Federation.

Radio Romania International