Maia Sandu, the pro-western president of the ex-soviet Romanian-speaking Republic of Moldova, has given assurances the state she leads isn’t presently facing the danger of war. In an unexpected speech before the country’s Parliament, Sandu says the Russian Army cannot make it to the Republic of Moldova as long as the neighboring Ukraine is resisting it in the war. Sandu has repeated the allegations about the attempts to destabilize the country by Russia and the pro-Russian opposition party Shor. ‘The Shor group has a clear mission from the Kremlin and the Russian Security Service (FSB), namely to bring the war to the Republic of Moldova. Their goal is to destabilize through violence and put an end to the country’s democratically-elected rule.’ According to Prime Minister Sandu, specialized institutions have managed to prevent any destabilizing attempts. However, Sandu says, the greatest danger the country is presently facing is corruption. She called on Parliament and government to create an Anti-corruption Tribunal, a specialized court in charge of investigating the big corruption cases including in the country’s legal system and has pledged the process of reforming and cleaning the aforementioned system will be completed in spite of the resistance currently faced. President Sandu has also said that the Republic of Moldova is not alone in facing the aforementioned challenges, but enjoys support from Romania, the United States and the European Union.

Eugen Cojocariu, Radio Romania International