Thursday, April 11, 2024

The annual inflation rate has dropped in March to 6.6%, from 7.2% in February

The annual inflation rate has dropped to 6.6% in March, from 7.2% in February, this being the second consecutive decrease of this indicator. According to INS data published today, prices for alimentary goods have risen with 2.81%, the non-alimentary ones with 8.06% and services with 10.2%. The highest rise is seen in the postal services, water and sewer services, cosmetical and medical services. The highest prices have been registered in canned fruit, fresh fruit, fresh and canned fish, cheese, coffee, cocoa, wine and beer. Among the non-alimentary good, the prices for detergents has risen the most – almost 25% – followed by – over 23%.

Prime minister Marcel Ciolacu will attend the multinational exercise „Sea Shield 24”

Prime minister Marcel Ciolacu will attend today the multinational exercise „Sea Shield 24”, aboard the „Regina Maria” frigate. More than 2.000 troops from 20 countries are training in the coastal area of the Black Sea and the Danube Delta. The multinational exercise „Sea Shield 24” is the most complex event lead by the Naval Romanian Forces and contributes to promoting the initiatives and interests of Romania on a regional and international level. The first edition of the exercise took place in 2015.

60% of the students who have responded to a survey conducted by the Capital Prefecture agree to introducing antidrug testing in schools

60 percent of the over 20.000 students who have responded to a survey about narcotics, conducted by the Capital Prefecture, agree to introducing anti-drug testing in schools. At the same time, half of them agree to periodical blood testing and 77% consider that introducing anti-drug classes in the school curriculum would be useful for young people. Also, 61% of the respondents think that people who consume drugs are more likely people with affections than criminals. The survey has been included in the public debate related to introducing prevention measures for drug consumption among young people and students in Bucharest, initiated by the Bucharest Prefecture last year.

Alexandra Ioniță