Russia could end the war of aggression against Ukraine, but it does not wish to do so, said the Romanian Foreign Minister Luminiţa Odobescu at the World Peace Summit which is taking place in Switzerland. The Romanian official explained that, despite the Kremlin’s propaganda, which claims that Russia wants peace, the war was imposed on Kyiv by Moscow and Russia is politically, legally and morally responsible for its consequences. Consequently, Odobescu pointed out, the Russian Federation must be judged by its deeds, not by its words. Participants in the Summit have firmly rejected Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement that he would immediately stop the war if the Kyiv administration agreed to remain outside NATO and without the regions occupied by the Russian army. Also, the US pledged $1.5 billion in aid to Ukraine, and the peace declarations included the condition of respecting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. More than 90 countries are participating in the Summit, and the biggest absentees are Russia and China.