Romania’s president Klaus Iohannis, who is attending the NATO anniversary summit in Washington, said on Tuesday evening in a social media post that the allied leaders are prepared for a substantial debate and firm decisions to boost collective security and resilience. President Iohannis is attending on Wednesday and Thursday a NATO meeting in Washington, with talks focusing on important subjects for the future of the Alliance, including a more substantial support package for Ukraine. He is met today at the summit by NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg and US president Joe Biden. Alongside the leaders of the other member states, he will attend a White House dinner given by Joe Biden. Iohannis signed a joint declaration on consolidating Ukraine’s air defence together with the presidents of the US Joe Biden and of Ukraine Volodymir Zelensky and the prime ministers of The Netherlands Dick Schoof, Italy, Giorgia Meloni, and Germany, Olaf Scholz. The signatories pledge to supply Ukraine with five Patriot and Aster 30 air defence systems.