Wednesday, October 8th

Investments of billions of euros in agriculture and rural areas in Romania

20 billion euros will be invested over the next seven years in agriculture and rural areas in Romania, through the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy. The investments should lead to the creation of new jobs and the performance of sustainable, modern and high quality works. Today, in Bucharest, the National Network for Rural Development will present the opportunities and the challenges in the field, for the next six years. On this occasion family farms, public-private partnerships and healthy eating will be discussed.

Events commemorating Holocaust victims in Romania

Events commemorating the victims of the Holocaust in Romania will start today. The events are organized by „Elie Wiesel” National Institute for Studying the Holocaust in Romania. Flower wreaths will be laid  at the Holocaust Memorial in Bucharest. Also today, a commemorative session is organized by the Chamber of Deputies. Since 2004, October 9th has become the day on which the victims of the Holocaust in Romania are commemorated.