Friday, October 10th

Prime Minister Victor Ponta will be in Chisinau today

Prime Minister Victor Ponta will be in Chisinau today. Recently, he said that, in addition to the excellent bilateral relations, the two governments develop major projects in several areas, such as education and energy. Mister Ponta also said that Moldova’s accession to the European Union by 2018-2019 is an ambitious, but not impossible goal. Moreover, a reunion of Romania and Moldova in the community space is a strategic objective for both the pro-European government in Chisinau and the one in Bucharest, said Romanian Prime Minister. Victor Ponta also expressed his hope that the executive led by Iurie Leana will lead Moldova towards the right pro-European direction. In his opinion, in addition to the excellent bilateral relations,  the two countries develop major projects in the educational, cultural and health fields, but also infrastructure projects, including energy. (RADO ROMANIA reports)

Romania is ready in the event of cases of infection with Ebola

Romania is ready in the event of cases of infection with Ebola, even if the risk is extremely low, assured the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Interior, Raed Arafat. The government has allocated 25 million lei for preparation and in case of suspected Ebola infection testing will be done in laboratories in Germany. Potential patients will be taken to a campaign military hospital with all facilities, which will be installed near Bucharest. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Stefan Hell, is proud of his Banat origins

The German researcher born in Romania, Stefan Hell, one of the winners of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry awarded this year, said that he is proud of his Banat origins. Mister Hell says that the Nobel Prize comes after many years of research in Germany, first at the University of Heidelberg, then at the „Max Planck” Chemistry and Biophysics of Göttingen, where he is currently director. „In 1978”, said Stefan Hell,  „I emigrated from Romania, from Banat. I have not been there almost 34 years. Two or three years ago, I was back in Banat, together with my family. It was a beautiful experience. It was nice to revisit Arad and Santana, the place where I grew up. The world would not understand me if it did not know that I come from Romania. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Adrian Strugariu