Tuesday, October 14th

Prime Minister Victor Ponta says  he has served his country as a Magistrate and Minister

The Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta  said, this morning, that he always respected the laws of the country and served his country as a Magistrate and as a Minister. Prime Minister’s statement comes after President Traian Basescu said, on  a TV show, last night, that Victor Ponta had been an undercover officer of the Foreign Intelligence Service between 1997 and 2001. The statement was categorized as „lies ” by the Prime Minister. He added that „If in this case there is evidence of breaching the law, there are institutions to hold accountable those persons who did it.”

Foreign Investors Summit in Bucharest

Government representatives, investors and experts from local industries with major investment potential will participate, starting today, in the summit of foreign investors, held in Bucharest. The topics of discussion will cover real investment opportunities in the region and future strategies for developing targeted segments. The summit includes six conferences, workshops, dozens of speakers, experts and state representatives. Each conference will focus on a specific industry with growth potential, both in Romania and in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, namely energy, infrastructure, real estate, IT&C, agriculture and automotive.

Fight against tuberculosis in Romania is a priority for health authorities

Fight against tuberculosis remains a priority for health authorities in Romania, the Minister of Health. Nicholas Bănicioiu said today at a special conference. He talked about state strategy in fighting the disease, but also about funding these initiatives. Recent data shows that Romania is on top position in the European Union for cases of tuberculosis, with several thousand cases annually. Mr Bănicioiu claims that Romania has begun implementing a number of measures to improve The National Tuberculosis Control Program. So far, three objectives have been achieved, including the revitalization of National Coordination Committee, and the Health Ministry has  developed a national strategic plan for TB control for  2015-2020.

Natalia Polikarpov