News review of the day – October 22th

Romania has signed the partnership agreement and already accesses  money allocated for 2014-2020

In today’s Government meeting, the Prime Minister Victor Ponta has said that Romania is the 11th country in the 28 European Union member states which has signed the partnership agreement with the EU and already is accessing the money allocated for 2014-2020. Mr Ponta has said that for the 2007-2013 exercise, this year the absorption rate of EU funds will reach  50 percent. The Prime Minister has also announced that for the first time in its history after 1989, Romania has issued euro bonds on the international capital market at a rate below 3 percent, meaning that ” the private financial markets have confidence in Romania and that everything funded in this period will put a much easier task for the coming years. „

Phone conversation between Joe Biden, American Vice President, and Victor Ponta, Romanian Prime Minister

Joe Biden, the American Vice President, had a telephone conversation with Victor Ponta, the Romanian Prime Minister, on matters relating to the strategic partnership between the two countries and international security, the Government in Bucharest announced on Wednesday. The talks were held onTuesday at the initiative of the American leader. „The two leaders discussed the possibilities of further developing the strategic partnership, particularly in the military field and security policy, the international security, including the preparation of Resolute Support  mission, which in 2015 will replace the international force in Afghanistan (ISAF)” , says the press-release by the Romanian Government. According to it, Victor Ponta stressed that Romania would continue to be, in the future, a reliable strategic partner of the United States and determined in developing and further strengthening the strategic partnership.

Romanian Foreign Minister  met with NATO Secretary General

The Romanian Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean met with the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, at Alliance’s headquarters in Brussels. The visit comes shortly after Mr Stoltenberg has officially taken the position of Secretary General of NATO. The Romanian diplomat stressed the need for NATO to implement as quickly as possible the Readiness Action Plan, in order to strengthen the security of the Alliance. He welcomed steps taken by NATO for reassuring the Allies, including Romania, in the context of the Ukrainian crisis. Mr Corlatean pointed out that Romania would actively contribute to shaping NATO’s long-term response to the security situation in the Black Sea. Romanian Foreign Minister  called for a substantial strengthening of cooperation between the Alliance and the Eastern partners – especially with Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. At the end of the meeting the head of the Romanian diplomacy  addressed NATO Secretary General the invitation to pay an official visit to Romania in  2015. The invitation  was accepted.

Cultural Week of Mexico:  OAXACA region presented in Romania

The Embassy of Mexico, the”Dimitrie Gusti”  National Village Museum and the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant are hosting, from 22nd  to 29th  of  October 2014, the Cultural Week of Mexico: Region of Oaxaca presented in Romania. The event will take place at the „Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, National Art Centre „Romanian Youth” in Bucharest and Cultural Center „Reduta” in Brasov. Traditions representative for the state of Oaxaca are everyday examples of multiethnic diversity embodied in the millenary cultures that ruled in pre-Columbian major cities such as Monte Albán or Mitla. The artistic expressions of these populations are materialized in universes dominated by colors, textures, sounds and flavors to be fully shared.

Natalia Polikarpov