August 4, 2022

Three unexploded projectiles were discovered in Balta Ialomiţei

Three unexploded projectiles were discovered on Thursday, in Balta Ialomiţei, by a man who was fishing. The man notified the authorities, and the pyrotechnicians picked up the ammunition elements and transported them, under conditions of maximum safety, for storage and destruction, RRA correspondent Clementina Tudor said. The County Inspectorate for Emergency Situations advises those who find unexploded projectiles not to move them, not to dismantle them, not to hit or cut them and not to use open fire near the place. (RADIO ROMANIA NEWS)

The road company also launched the tender for the first lot of the Sibiu – Făgăraș highway on Thursday

The road company today launched the tender for the first lot of the Sibiu – Făgăraș Motorway after a few days ago the procedure for the design and execution of lots 2, 3 and 4 of this section with a total length of 68 km was published, thus for lot 1 Sibiu – Boita – Mârșa with a length of 14 km the contract for design and execution has an estimated value of almost two billion lei. For each of the four lots of the Sibiu – Făgăraș Highway, the design duration is 12 months, respectively three years for execution, reporter Alexandru Lancuzov told us. (RADIO ROMANIA NEWS)

Ştirbey Palace will be restored

The General Mayor of the Capital, Nicuşor Dan, announced that he signed the authorization for the restoration of the Ştirbey Palace on Calea Victoriei, a historical monument building, built in 1835. The private owner of the building will renovate it at his own expense, keeping all the architectural elements, but also to rebuild the missing body of the former carriage depot, writes the general mayor on a social network. He adds that it is the first time since 1989 that a heritage building has been demolished and will now be rebuilt. (RADIO ROMANIA NEWS)

Adelina Boboc